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Wilson NC Towing Services

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Wilson Towing  can be your reliable Wilson, NC local tow company in your time of need.

We know that catastrophic events happen on the road and you may find yourself in a situation where your car is no longer running.

When you need your vehicle towed, you need to be able to trust the driver to handle your vehicle with attention.

That’s why you should come to us for your roadside and towing emergencies. All our drivers are schooled in treating any car tenderly and transporting it securely where it needs to go.

Try us when your car decides to act up!

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24 Hour Towing

We provide service 24-hour towing, seven days a week, dispatching our tow truck to any Wilson, NC location.

Additionally, we offer roadside assistance such as flat tire change, auto lockout, and battery jumps. We make it easy for you to get roadside help when or where the need arises.

We have been servicing Wilson and surrounding NC cities for years. Our crew offers the most dependable and professional towing services for cars, trucks and more.

Dead Battery Jumps

Do you need a jump? Don’t you have any jumper cables? It’s ok, contact us right away, and we’re on our way.

If your car needs repairing, we’ll gladly tow your vehicle to a place of your choice.

Your car’s battery can die for many reasons, like interior lights left or cold weather.

Regardless of the reason, having a dead car battery can halt your plans and leave you stuck.

Get fast aid with a dead car battery from us


Vehicle Lockouts

Did you leave your keys in the car and now you’re locked out? Our team has the proper tools to do this job while not putting one scratch on your vehicle.

Call Wilson Towing when you lock your keys in your car by accident. You don’t have time to wait for help to come, and if you’re like most folks, you don’t have spare keys with you.

We take the hassle out of your lockout situation.

24 Hour Roadside Assistance

If you’re stranded and need roadside assistance, first make sure to get to a safe place.

Don’t get out of your vehicle if you aren’t capable of getting to the side of the road. Put your hazard lights on and call us for help.

If you are not in danger or require medical assistance, make us your first phone call.

If you need help but your vehicle is stranded, we can tow you to a nearby service station or mechanic.

Winch-Out Services

In bad weather, your vehicle can slide off the road and end up in a ditch.

While most drivers are capable of driving their car out of a ditch when the weather is good, getting a car out that’s stuck in snow, ice, or mud is another story. We bring quick help to you.

If you’ve ever called for roadside help only to discover that it costs more than what you expected, you’ll like the transparency that we bring to winch-out service.

Flat Tire Repair & Replacement

When your tire blows or goes flat on the side of the highway, you are stuck until help comes.

If you have the muscle power and right tools, you might be able to get the busted tire off, put on your doughnut, and get to a tire repair place.

If you aren’t able to do this, you’re stranded until help arrives. Now, there is a choice in Wilson that delivers on-demand assistance without a high price: Wilson Towing.

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