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Wilson NC Towing Services

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Towing in Wilson NC


We are here to aid you with your request for towing in Wilson, NC, regardless if you need a tow to your mechanic, your car is broken down, or a battery jump.

Do you have a flat tire? We can help with just one phone call. When your keys are locked in your SUV, we can help with that as well.

If you have been in an automobile accident and want us to tow your car to a particular location, tell us, and we’ll guarantee you are safe before fretting about your vehicle. We make sure that your automobile gets to where it needs to be.

Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of individuals in the Wilson, NC area.

It doesn’t matter the complexity of the job, you can be sure our professionally, trained towing team will get the job done. We are dedicated to serving our customers. We have one of the biggest fleets of tow trucks in Wilson, equipped with an assortment of tools necessary to finish the job efficiently.

With our fast response times and polite staff, we know once you try our towing services you’ll be a customer forever. We are available 24/7/365 to accommodate your need for towing services in Wilson, NC.

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Wilson Towing Services


We provide Wilson, NC towing for many areas, whether it is service that is needed ASAP or scheduled ahead of time. We’re available 24 hours a day and are just a quick call away.

Our tow truck drivers respond to all calls. There aren’t any answering machines with our towing services. Our website is mobile friendly so if you are stranded, just hit the call button to speak immediately to a driver.

Wilson Towing proudly services Wilson, NC and the surrounding areas. We know how vital it is to provide you with professional, affordable, and safe towing.

We understand that your need for a tow truck has put a damper on our day. With that in mind, our goal is to connect you with a tow truck in Wilson, NC that gets you back on schedule as fast as possible.

Regardless if you need roadside assistance, your car was damaged in an automobile accident, you need an auto locksmith, or you have a dead battery, we realize that you’re stressed.

Don’t let finding a dependable towing company in Wilson, NC bring added stress to your day. Contact us right away and let our crew get your day back on track.

Our Towing Services

Welcome to Wilson Towing, providing the best towing solutions around.

Our premiere 24-hour towing services area at a reasonable price. We offer a host of services including towing, auto lockout, and winch-out & flat tire change. Regardless if a job is easy or complicated, we do it all!

If you’re stranded on the street with your SUV, car, truck, or RV, get in touch with us! Our Wilson, NC tow trucks are full with a variety of parts and tools.

When you are looking for the best “tow truck near me,” those words describe us to a T. This is precisely the type of service you can expect from Wilson Towing Services.

24 Hour Towing

No matter where you are stranded, when you need a tow, we can help you.

Dead Battery Jumps

If you need a battery jump start, ask us. Let’s get your day back on track!


Vehicle Lock Outs

If you are locked out of your car, give us a call to help you.

24 Hour Roadside Assistance

Even after normal business hours, we’re working to help those who need 24-hour roadside assistance.


Flat Tire Repair & Replacement

If you have a tire that’s flat, we will come to your aid in no time!

Winch-Out Services

If your vehicle ends up where it isn’t very accessible, use our winch-out service.  

The Best Towing Company in Wilson

If you are stuck in a parking garage with a non-working vehicle, there’s nothing worse than calling for a tow truck in Wilson only to discover when it arrives that they’ve sent the wrong type of tow truck.

This is typically common with towing companies in Wilson that don’t listen to you when you call for assistance. We are available 24/7 to provide you with various types of towing services.

If your truck or SUV is stranded in a carport, beneath a condo/apartment complex, or in a carport, you may need specialized towing.

We will send the tow truck you need the first time, every time. We have tow trucks that can wedge in under a low-slung ceiling and get your automobile out. Even if you aren’t sure what tow truck type you need, reach out to us first.

We will listen to you, evaluate the situation, decide what sort of truck is needed, and come to your rescue. Come to us for quick towing services for cars, small vehicles, motorcycles, trucks, SUVs, and all-wheel-drive vehicles.

Did you wreck your car? Contact our friendly staff for rapid towing service. We provide 24-hour towing service, so you are never stranded.

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We have a fleet of advanced tow trucks that you see on the highways every day. We have the right trucks furnished with the right equipment and tools to make sure your vehicle is handled with extreme care.

Our fleet includes flatbed trucks, special tie-down tools for motorcycles,  trucks for getting vehicles out of low clearance parking garages, and wheel-lift systems.

All our tow drivers are licensed, insured, and trained so that you know your treasured vehicle is in good hands.

We have been working overtime to establish our towing company in the Wilson community so that we can give you excellent services and benefits.

Contact Wilson Towing

It’s crucial to know where you can find an efficient and speedy Wilson, NC towing service if your vehicle ever breaks down.

We’re staffed by skilled towing professionals who will treat you with respect. Contact Wilson Towing today to find out about our rates or to get your car towed to your mechanic or your driveway.

We know the stress of vehicle breakdowns, and we respond as swiftly as possible to get your car to a repair place and your day back on schedule.

Most importantly, our towing costs are very competitive, and you won’t be giving up on quality.